Cannabis Lightsculpture - An homage to an miraculous plant

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Cannabis LightsculptureThe Lunaglow Cannabis Lightsculpture represents a miraculous plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Besides its nutritional and medicinal benefits, cannabis or hemp, is an amazing crop that can be utilized for cloth, paper, building materials, fuel, and to make composites.  Henry Ford actually made a super strong cannabis cellulose composite as the body for one of his cars.  This lightsculpture pays homage to one of Mother Earth's greatest plants.

Cannabis has received an an unfair reputation primarily in the form of prohibition in America for over 2 generations. One of the unfortunate legacies we see with this has been the disproportionate incarceration rates for people of color who were convicted of low level "crimes" like possession. This has been so unfair considering that we are talking about a plant with so many positive uses.  Besides proven medical efficacy, nutritional value of hemp seeds are incredible. 

Industrial hemp, or the non-psychoactive type of hemp is even more revolutionary, considering it's basically the same plant.  The University of Kentucky is actually working with industrial hemp, studying its benefits. Canada has been cultivating for years.  Imagine how much water we could save by switching to hemp cloth as opposed to the extreme water consuming cotton. The building materials scene can also benefit from cultivation, and this is actually happening, as now there is hemp insulation, Hempcrete and other hemp-derived products.

The oil in the hemp plant also plays a major role is saving our planet.  Besides the nutritional value with near perfect Omega fatty acid composition, the oil could also be converted to bio-fuel as well as bio-plastic composites.  Really, if you delve into this plant, you realize that it does shine as one of Earth's most miraculous plants. This is what I'm trying to convey with the Cannabis Lightsculpture.

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