Challenging Times, Creative Opportunities

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Ginkgo LeafWho would have known in the beginning of 2020 that this year would play host to a global pandemic, global demonstrations and riots, and to the subsequent changes to our daily lives?   With the Stay at Home order given here, and as I watched the unforgiving progress of the pandemic, I had time to reflect.  I went for daily walks in the park across the street, observed the coming of springtime with leaves unfolding, and reflected on my own environment. My conclusion was that our relationship to nature needed a remix.  The power of our natural world, the power to create and destroy, affects each of us.  This pandemic, along with global warming, have been serious wakeup calls.

As I walked through the forest and saw the leaves reaching to the sun, the idea for my latest incarnation of creative output finally unfurled like the fiddlehead of the fern.  I gathered as many leaves as I could, scanned them, and started prepping them for their new creative roles.   A friend reminded me of the power of the Ginkgo Leaf throughout history and art, so I chose that as my first leaf to feature in my lightsculptures.  The Ginkgo represents strength, hope and resilience, attributes which are very important to possess these days; not to mention the influences in Art Nouveau, and as a medicinal plant.  It seemed to be an appropriate and powerful icon with which to start the new line of lightsculptureswhich are intended to bring light, color and magic into your personal spaces.

I originally started Lunaglow in 2004 to bring light to the darker fall and winter days in Seattle.  I made lightsculptures from found objects and surplus materials, mostly out of metal. Then I produced a line of re-purposed material robots made mostly out of vintage kitchen items and other found objects. Now I have decided to work more intimately with Mother Nature, using natural materials, applying some technology, in order to bring about a little magic to our lives.

There's a great writeup on the leaf at Smithsonian Education.

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