Yoni Deepmala - A Celebration of the Feminine

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Why would I make a lightsculpture modeled after female genitalia; boredom, loneliness, cheekiness?  Maybe because of all of that and for reverence for the power of the feminine.  What gives life now gives light.

The power to procreate and pass on the human genome is indeed within the substance of ova and sperm, but it is the woman who carries the child to term, gives birth, and feeds the little human.  Then for a good amount of her life, the woman goes through a monthly cycle, enduring blood loss, cramps, hormonal and temperature fluctuations, tampons, pads, checkups, screenings, tests, etc.

When men invented the false narrative that women were the "weaker" of the sexes, it was because of diminished self esteem in the face of the truth: that women were indeed stronger and more powerful than men.  How is it that women's right to vote in this country, for instance, was ratified only 100 years ago? Why do women earn less? Why are laws which deal with women's reproductive concerns passed by white male judges? FGM, WTF?!!

Reasons to Vote
So to celebrate the feminine, I've made Yoni Deepmala. It emanates light from the very source of creative power. Yes it may be controversial to some, but it shouldn't be. The female genitalia is a wonder of existence that needs to be acknowledged as such. It should be revered, protected, and loved. Above all, the women, who possess this work of nature in all of it's forms and transitions, should be respected by all men.

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  • Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Marcell. I wish more men (and people in general) thought like you and were able to put themselves in the shoes of others.
    And amen for championing equal rights, voting and respect for all humankind.

    As for the subtle inequalities- the pink tax is a reality. Women’s products that are in essence the same as men’s but marketed towards women, are usually priced higher.

    Iris Zak on

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