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Ginkgo Lightsculpture

Lunaglow is happy to share a new line of lightsculptures inspired by our challenging times.  Some of us are home a lot, so having a joyful environment is important.  My lightsculptures are intended to help bring color and beauty into your personal spaces.

It's been an interesting journey to get to this point. I started Lunaglow in 2007 to bring light to the darker fall and winter days in Seattle. I made lightsculptures from found objects and surplus materials, mostly out of metal. Then I produced a line of re-purposed material robots made mostly out of vintage kitchen items and and other found objects. Now I have decided to work in what I call NatureTech, combining the influences of Mother Nature with technology.  In the case of my latest lightsculptures, this means designing the graphical elements using actual leaves, using wood for the material, and incorporating energy-efficient LEDs to make it all glow. 

The first set of these lightsculptures feature the Ginkgo leaf, which represents strength, hope and resilience, attributes which are very important to possess these days. There's a great writeup on the leaf at Smithsonian Education.  There are also influences of this beautiful leaf in Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as it's medical benefits.  It seemed to be an appropriate and powerful icon with which to start the new line of lightsculptures.   I'll be adding much more to this site as time progresses, but I'm happy that you are here and hope your days and nights lighten in many ways.