About Lunaglow

Lunaglow designs and fabricates lightsculptures using sustainable materials and energy-efficient illumination.  Handcrafted in the USA with designs inspired by our natural world, Lunaglow lightsculptures exist to bring light and color to people’s lives.  These glowing objects can decorate personal spaces, elevate moods with the right colors, and evoke a sense of wonder.


Lunaglow originally started out in 2004 to bring light to the darker fall and winter days in Seattle, with lightsculptures made from found metal objects and surplus materials. Then an offshoot was birthed into existence with the Lunaglow Robots; re-purposed material robot characters made mostly out of vintage kitchen items and other found objects.

The current focus of Lunaglow has been directly inspired by the challenges we face these days; the global pandemic, global warming, and global unrest. The first design using the Ginkgo Leaf is important, as it represents strength, hope and resilience. Sharing something creative that may serve as a tool to help people feel better was the motivation for the new Lunaglow you see here.

Ginkgo Leaf

I hope you join me on this journey riding the particle-waves of light.  By purchasing one of these creations, you can enhance your mood with light and color, create a focal point in your special space, and redecorate without buying new furniture!  If you don’t see anything you resonate with currently, please sign up for the newsletter below in order to receive new product announcements, sales and coupon codes.  Lunaglow wants you to be happy!