Cannabis Lightsculpture - RGB LEDs with RF Remote

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The Lunaglow Cannabis Lightsculpture represents a miraculous plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Besides its nutritional and medicinal benefits, cannabis or hemp, is an amazing crop that can be utilized for cloth, paper, building materials, fuel, and to make composites.  Henry Ford actually made a super strong cannabis cellulose composite as the body for one of his cars.  This lightsculpture pays homage to one of Mother Earth's greatest plants.

The front face is made of 1/8" finished maple plywood and the sides are 1/4" bamboo. Note that each lightsculpture's front face wood grain will vary slightly from the one pictured here.  Illuminated by energy-efficient RGB LEDs, you can dial in specific colors using the included RF remote control. The remote has a few preset colors, but with the color + and - buttons, you can access even more colors.

The lightsculpture also comes with a 12V power supply and a white DC input extension cable to blend in better with lighter walls.

Cannabis is part of the Botanica Lightsculpture Collection, with designs reminding us of the beauty of the plant kingdom.

9 5/8" x 10 7/8" x 3"
244mm x 276mm x 76mm

Handmade in Seattle, with Love.