Ginkgo Lightsculpture - Amber

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This Ginkgo Lightsculpture glows a warm amber color using LED illumination. The LEDs are hidden in an aluminum channel with frosted diffuser for even illumination, so you only see the light emanating from the sculpture, not the LEDs.   It has a toggle switch and an included 12 Volt DC power supply. The front face is made of 1/8" maple plywood and the sides are 1/4" bamboo. The energy efficient power consumption is around 3.2 Watts. 

The way I have constructed the frame and front face, without the use of glues or fasteners, allows for future customization. As I progress with my line of nature-inspired themes, I will be designing different front faces, which can be purchased and swapped out with the Ginkgo design. This allows you to customize your lightsculpture to your decor or taste.

I designed this with a Ginkgo leaf because it represents strength, hope and resilience during these trying times. When you turn it on and it radiates light and color into your space, you can be reminded that you have these attributes glowing within yourself. 

19 7/16” x 11” x 3”
50mm x 28mm x 7.5mm