Nautilus Lightsculpture

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The Lunaglow Nautilus Lightsculpture is the first within the Oceana Collection. The Nautilus shell perfectly exemplifies the golden ratio spiral that we find in nature.  This spiral appears in so many animal and plant forms, that it's hard to deny the wonder and mystery of such a beautiful design.

The materials used in this handmade lightsculpture include maple 1/8" finished maple plywood for the front face and 1/4" bamboo for the frame. Note that each lightsculpture's front face wood grain will vary slightly from the one pictured here.  The energy-efficient illumination features blue and green LEDs whose light mixes into a beautiful gradient.

There is a touch switch on the bottom, which turns the sculpture on with one touch. If you touch and hold, it dims the light up or down. The lightsculpture comes with a 12V power supply and a white DC input extension cable to blend in better with lighter walls.

Nautilus is the first lightsculpture within the Oceana theme, which will feature sea-dwelling creatures and coastal-inspired designs.

9 5/8" x 10 7/8" x 3"
244mm x 276mm x 76mm

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