Marcell Marias
Founder and creative director

Lunaglow designs and fabricates unique sculptural objects,  performs video projection-mapping on buildings and other physical objects, and offers custom solutions for beautifying our world.  Currently I'm focusing on commissions for larger video projection-mapped pieces, LED and video sculptures,  interactive video and light art installations. If you need a creative solution for your public or personal space, please contact me at: 
info {at} lunaglow {dot} com
Lunaglow Installations have appeared at various events including Shine On Seattle, Burien Arts-A-Glow, Lusio Lights, SAM Lights at Olympic Sculpture Park, Redmond Lights, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival, and at other creative events throughout the Seattle area.
Lunaglow is currently exhibiting at Shine on Seattle in a storefront at 1st Ave. and Bell St. in Belltown, Seattle
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