Lunaglow Installations reflect my desire to use technology and light to illuminate the beauty and power of our natural world.  The technology involved includes Video Projection Mapping, Video Monitor Mapping, LED lighting integration, laser-cut materials,  sensors, and interactive controls.  The installations range from small video sculptures to larger interactive pieces. They also include large-scale video projection mapping on buildings, architectural elements, and natural objects like plants and  trees.
For the works which involve video, the content includes original footage of natural elements such as  water, trees, flowers, clouds, etc., mixed with real-time, generative animations.  Some pieces are kinetic and have gestural control manipulating physical elements of the object, as well as the video projected onto the object. 
Lunaglow is available for consultations and performances that utilize Interactive Video Projection-Mapping, as well as for Videosculpture and Lightsculpture design and fabrication.  If you need a creative solution for your public or personal space, please  get in touch at:  info {at} lunaglow {dot} com

Video compilation of Lunaglow Installations in Washington State in 2022.

MUSE Awards Interactive Installation

Video Demo of MUSE Awards 2022 Interactive Installation

Interactive installation for the MUSE Awards event in St. Petersburg, FL. March 4, 2022, Morean Center for Clay. It consisted of multi-layered fabric hanging from the ceiling, onto which video was mapped. The audience was encouraged to walk among the fabric panels and interact with the imagery. There was also an ultra-wide interactive projection which sensed people's hand movements and controlled a feedback loop within the video. A centerpiece made of palm spathes and other sections of palms stood 7 ft. tall and featured video projection-mapping on the natural surfaces. Laser-based points of light accented the piece. At the end of the hallway to the bathrooms stood my Flower of Life LED lightsculpture, and toward the middle of the room was my videosculpture version on Flower of Life. My gratitude shines for the St. Pete Arts Alliance for commissioning this installation and thank you to all of the wonderful people who interacted with the pieces. Many thanks to Kevin and Mark for their help in the setup. Music by Marcell Marias
Lusio Lights @ Volunteer Park Conservatory

Lusio Lights at the Volunteer Park Conservatory in 2019

Amazing video shot by John Markadakis of Stellar Media Collective of Lusio Lights at the Volunteer Park Conservatory in 2019.  Several Lusio artists decked-out the Conservatory in LEDs, video, lasers and sonic goodness.  This has been my favorite venue in Seattle, and there's nothing like projecting in a place where plants and flowers surround you, and fresh air and floral scents abound. For this event, I mapped the top windows of the long, horizontal greenhouse structure, and also installed the MetalEyes video sculptures.
Shine On Seattle Installation

Shine on Seattle Installation on 1st and Bell in Belltown, Seattle. Dec. 2021-Feb. 2022

This is my installation for Shine On Seattle on 1st and Bell in Belltown, Seattle. My newest piece consists of dimensional screens that are 6'x6' square by 18" deep, with a lycra screen that pulls over the frame.  I built individually-addressable LED strips which hang inside the frame, with dried plants like ferns, thistle, cedar, and wild rose hanging in front of the LEDs.  When the LEDs animate along the strips, they project moving shadows of the natural materials onto the front of the screen.  This linking of nature and tech is the kind of work I like designing and sharing with people, reminding them of the importance of our natural world.  This eco-conscious outlook is also supported by the inclusion of MetalEyes, arranged in such a way so they look like a butterfly when adjacent to each other.  Thanks to Lusio and the Seattle Downtown Association for this opportunity for me to bring some more light and color to Seattle.
Installations for the Burien Arts-A-Glow Festival

Video Projection Mapping Installation for Burien Art-A-Glow, Sept. 11., 2021

For the Burien Arts-A-Glow Festival, I had several Installations, including a huge video-mapped building projection on the Highline Heritage Museum.  I made the visuals interactive using an infrared gestural controller, where people were able to alter the zoom and rotation of a part of the projection using their hands.  It was so much fun watching the interaction of the audience as they played the visuals. This also featured original ambient music looping to add to the aura.  The best part was when an impromptu group of whirling dervishes came by the location and I encouraged them to dance in the photons.
Energy Sculptures (Wind, Solar, and Wave)
Energy Sculptures (Wind, Solar, and Wave)
MetalEyes Flower
MetalEyes Flower
MetalEyes Earth
MetalEyes Earth

Whirling Dervishes' impromptu interaction with projection at Arts-A-Glow 

Energy Sculptures at Burien Arts-A-Glow

Lusio Lights 2021

Video Projection Mapping at Mary Olson Farm, Kent, WA for Lusio Lights Video and Light Art Fest, Aug. 27-28, 2021

Video Projection Mapping at Mary Olson Farm, Kent, WA for Lusio Lights Video and Light Art Fest, Aug. 27-28, 2021

Video Projection Mapping on the barn at Mary Olson Farm, in Kent, Washington. This was for the Lusio Lights Video and Light Art fest where this interactive installation allowed for the audience to control the zoom and rotation of a part of the projected video. An infrared sensor processed hand movements and turned them into visuals control. Many who attended the event had fun playing with the visuals, especially kids, who were intuitively very good at it. Installation by Marcell Marias, Aug. 27-28, 2021.
Redmond Lights 2019

Installations at Redmond Lights -  Dec. 7-8, 2019

Redmond Lights took place on Dec. 7-8, 2019 in Redmond, WA. Along the Sammamish River Trail, on a large grassy section in front of an office building  at 8383 158th Ave NE, I installed  5 separate pieces  attendees to enjoy while walking along the trail.  The installations included a 5 stories tall interactive animation video projection-mapped  onto the side of the office building. I also brought out the Snowflake Mapping Project, a metal sculpture that is video projection-mapped and interactive. MetalEyes were also featured along the trail, as was an individually-addressable LED snowflake sculpture.  The final piece was a vertical multi-layered translucent projection  which resembled a holographic projection.  The people walking along the trail were able to  experience these pieces in a linear fashion, being guided along the trail  to the next set of light art pieces by other artists. 
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